If you are here, you are not the only one.

One in four people with a vulva suffers from chronic pelvic pain. 👀

It's a persistent pain in the pelvic area that includes conditions such as vulvodynia, endometriosis, pudendal neuropathy, and pelvic myofascial pain.

Pain interferes too much with our life.

Scientific research shows that experiencing pain negatively affects our quality of life in relationships, work, sexuality, self-esteem, and sleep.

We need to consider our life from all angles.

It is not just physical pain: these conditions affect our mental well-being. In most cases, people experience anxiety and psychological stress. 🧠

Stop worrying: you found your community.

We are a community of people who have chronic pelvic pain or are close to them, and who want to break down any taboos about invisible diseases.


We know what it feels like.

Hello, we are Gaia and Victoria 👋🏽

We created the Hale community because we couldn't explain how we could feel so alone, having such a widespread problem. Hale is the space we wished we could have found when we were struggling.

Watch the video

Feeling pain persistently can create psychological problems and change the way we perceive ourselves.

Wave is an 8-week online program to learn how to manage your condition in everyday life.

Before the 28th of October

We work closely with experts who care.

We are supported by a multidisciplinary team of experts who contribute with scientific soundness to promote our vision.

Zoe Sever
Sexologist and clinical advisor
University of Sidney
Sarah Bateup
Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist
King's College London
Dalia Dammacco
Master's degree in psychotherapy and clinical psychology
MSB Medical School Berlin
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