Our goal

We want to help people with chronic pelvic pain to feel comfortable with their condition and manage it properly, every day.

Knowing your body is power. It means you have the freedom to talk about it, to discover yourself and to work on your well-being.

What we believe in


Each person is unique, and so should be his or her own health journey.


What we create is useful because we build it with people who need it.


Solutions must be accessible for all, and digital tools are a great way to reach that. 

Holistic wellness

Wellness must cover all aspects: biological, psychological and social.

We know what it feels like.

Hello, we are Gaia and Victoria 👋🏽

We created the Hale community because we couldn't explain how we could feel so alone, having such a widespread problem. Hale is the space we wished we could have found when we were struggling.

Watch the video


It comes from "exhale", also meaning to draw a breath of relief.

We like to think that people who meet us for the first time can feel at home, and feel relieved.